We create fear within and for ourselves. Meaning, only we can abolish it. We have the will, we just also require the want.

I’ve been climbing this mountain my entire life, finally finding a crevice to rest. But it’s raining now and my eyes no longer see horizons I’ve dreamed of.

We can pull ourselves up and cling to familiarity or we can take risks and feel ALIVE, again. Because when have we ever truly lived until this very moment?
Fight or flight response is a lie. We never fight, ever, because we live life under the guise of self-preservation. We never fight for anything.

So I’ll make up some wine from bleach and Klonopin and I’ll fade off into sleep. I can’t remember the last time I prayed but it seems fitting that right now I’m begging life to release me.

Kiss me with chloroform and drag me through ditches, over dirt roads. Remember what you’ve made, my dear, because this corpse is all I have left.


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